A well trained and supported midwife can make the difference between life and death

The goal of the 50,000 Happy Birthdays programme is to contribute to quality maternal and newborn care by strengthening midwives’ competencies in saving lives at birth in Ethiopia, Rwanda and Tanzania — following on from the 10, 000 Happy Birthdays in Malawi and Zambia.

This is achieved by using the simulation-based #HelpingMothersSurvive and #HelpingBabiesSurvive programmes to train, equip and empower midwives to save more lives at birth, and also contribute to reducing morbidity and ensuring a better birth experience.

In Tanzania, 50,000 Happy Birthdays is active in four regions, Katavi, Geita, Tanga and Simiyu.  Started in September 2018, the goal is to train more than 6500 health care providers in five modules, designed to reduce mother and infant mortality rates.