Midwives Save Lives (MSL)

This four-year project is funded by the Government of Canada and operates in four target countries: Benin, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ethiopia and Tanzania. In Tanzania, the project is focused in two regions in the Lake Zone: Simiyu and Shinyanga.

The project is increasing the skills and competencies of pre- and in-service midwives, strengthening health systems to work more effectively with and for midwives, addressing low levels of demand for maternal, newborn and child health services at the community level, and strengthening the capacity of midwifery professional associations to improve the quality and coverage of midwifery care.

Activities include:

  • In-service midwife training and training for midwifery instructors and health facility administrators
  • Training in-service midwives to mentor midwives and other health workers
  • Outreach campaigns and workshops delivered by community workers and local NGOs
  • Technical support in education, regulation, licensing, and organizational development
  • Awareness activities to bring together key stakeholders to share knowledge, promote coordination, collaboration, and social dialogue, as well as discuss lessons learned and best practices.